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Your baby 6 to 9 months Development (From the baby’s point of view) (December 2014)

Julia Mitchell-Hoffman E.C.E. Behaviorist

What Your Baby Can Do

• I am learning to think and solve problems.

• When a toy drops to the floor, I look to see where it went.

• I figure out how things work by copying what I see you and others do.

What You Can Do

1. Comment on what your baby does to make things happen. You used your voice to let me know you wanted me to keep playing peek-boo.

2. Let your baby explore interesting objects—like toys with buttons to push.

What Your Baby Can Do

• I can control my body.

• I can pick up small objects using my thumb and other fingers.

• I can sit on my own, which helps me explore in new ways.

• I may crawl or scoot to get around. I might even pull up on furniture to stand.

What You Can Do

1. Begin letting your child practice picking up baby-safe foods like slices of banana, if you’d like your child to learn to feed himself.

2. Give your baby time to move around on his own. This builds muscle strength and coordination.

What Your Baby Can Do

• I am working hard to communicate with you.

• I babble a lot. When someone talks to me, I make sounds back.

• I use my voice to express feelings, like joy and anger.

• I copy actions you make, like waving “bye-bye” and shaking my head “no-no.”

What Can You Do

• Use words to describe your baby’s feelings: You are mad that Daddy took away the crayon. You can chew on this rattle instead.

• If your baby is looking at something, point at it and explain: That’s a radio. It plays music.

• Copy your baby’s sounds and actions. If she waves, wave back and say Hello!

What Your Baby Can Do

• My personality is starting to show.

• I may love to meet new people or need time to feel comfortable with someone I don’t know yet.

• I may like lots of sound and activity or I may prefer things to be more quiet and calm.

• I may be very active or more interested in watching.

What You Can Do

1. Notice how your baby likes to play and explore. Does she like to move or does she prefer to sit and watch the world around her?

2. See how your baby reacts to sounds, sights, and social activity. What does she seem to enjoy? What does she seem to dislike or get overwhelmed by?