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A special Gentle Thank You to

John Williams

for taking these awesome pictures!!

Children made their own name tags - using stampers and colorful stamp pads as they arrived.

The Children and parents where welcomed as they chose the color berets they wanted where.  

The children were led by David Hoffman in the song named "A Monkey and The Coconut". by, Geoff Johnson

You can hear the song and read the lyrics at:

The Children were encouraged by Julia Hoffman to come up with reasons why we might wear a cap.

The children came up with many different reasons including keeping the sun out of their eyes and to keep our head warm. Parents suggested that it was a good way to cover up a bad hair day!

Children being read and actively participating to in the story "Caps for Sale"

by, Esphyr Slobodkina 

Little Treasured Moments

The children had lots of fun making their own Monkey Treats - made from bananas, coconut, cinnamon sugar and chocolate chips.

The children sliced their bananas, sprinkled the cinnamon sugar, mixed in the coconut and chocolate chips and enjoyed eating their own awesome monkey treats!

Children Made their own paper bag Monkey Puppets!

The Children used their Monkey Puppets to act out the song they had learned earlier in the program.

Our littlest member but oh so cute!!

A Gentle Thank You goes out to all who volunteered to make this day so successful.

Xiameng Lin and Nyan Win

Please click on the links below to see the details and to register for the programs. Thank you!!