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Jazzy Cats and Kits

Gentle Steps Foundation is excited to introduce our newest program for early childhood centers and their families:

Jazzy Cats and Kits

Ages: 3 to 5 (Pre-K)

Ages: 5 to 6 (K)

First and Second Grade

Parents and teachers are welcomed to contact us to register for a session that is scheduled for the appropriate age levels listed above.

This program consist of a time for children to:

  • Listen to live music played by some of the most amazing musicians around.
  • Be introduced to Jazz through stories presented by the Music Educators.
  • Have the opportunity to play along with the band by using musical props.
  • Making their own musical instruments to take back with them.
  • Share ideas and ask questions while enjoying a snack!

Strengthening Families and Classrooms through Jazz


  • Rooted in expressing feeling and emotions that reflect through experiences Jazz allows for children to develop a sense of self.
  • As children learn about how Jazz came about they are presented with the opportunity to better understand and appreciate how we all are uniquely different and how we share common interest.
  • The program is presented and performed by authentic musicians and music educators who are true to the integrity of jazz.
  • Based on improvisation children will use their own bodies, minds, spirits and souls to self-direct their own use of Jazz.  

Proactive Factors: 

Parental resilience: Parents who attend this program and actively participate with their child will gain knowledge in the fact that Jazz itself is “resilience”. Many, if not all, musicians (especially Jazz) have faced hard times and have had to work through challenges. They have passed on to us what they have learned.

Strengthening parents: Parents who attend this program and actively participate with their child are offered many opportunities to build on their relationship with their child and have fun doing so!

Knowledge of parenting and child development: Parents will be presented with opportunities to strengthen their own understanding of how music can enhance their child’s development; individuality and self-expression. In addition this program can help a parent to be more aware of how children can learn through child-directed activities and how their child responds to their environment,

Concrete support in times of need: This factor is set in the program itself in helping to provide families opportunities to strengthen their relation with each other as well as the schools their children attend. It opens the door for families and schools to appreciate the need for live music, jazz and community involvement.

Social and emotional competence of children: By instilling a passion for Jazz we desire to instill a passion for self. This strengthening of emotional and social interactions and participation will provide opportunities for children to explore and experiment with music in the form of Jazz. By awakening and enhancing skills in listening, creativity, and imagination the children will also be learning about the importance of differences.