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Gentle Steps Foundation Cornerstones

Gentle Steps Foundation believes that all individuals have the right:

  • To their own healing and recovery
  • To be treated with dignity, respect, value and worth
  • To be listened to and heard
  • To have the opportunity to be who they are.

Our Foundation is based on: the fact that “how” is more important than “what”. 

Gentle Steps Foundation's Objectives

Our goal is to provide a positive climate that works effectively with our clients’ strengths, skills and competencies. Utilizing this Strength Based Prevention Method, our staff is dedicated to understanding, identifying and supporting our clients’ strengths to build on the individual’s self-image, providing positive outcomes and setting acceptable expectations. Consideration is given to thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the community and environment in which each client is living.

Families are connected to one another. When a change happens for one member of the family, all the members of the family are affected. Gentle Steps Foundation believes that families have their own identity, history, rules and rituals that define who they are. They are linked together by mental, emotional, spiritual and physical worlds. Based on this Family Systems Approach our intervention programs, as well as prevention programs will be based on relevant protective factors and reducing relevant risk factors.

All programs will be designed to be sensitive to all cultures, honoring differences and similarities, understanding traditions and respecting family system. Content both in programs, individual treatments and materials should be structured and sequential (a balance of information, self-building and emotional support).Basic services will be designed to validate, support and help make sense of what the client is experiencing. A full-spectrum of support services with referrals to more professional and medical intervention will be provided when needed.      

Rooted in Responsibility: Wings of Independence

Julia Mitchell-Hoffman

ECE Behaviorist

Gentle Steps Foundation CEO

My grandfather pointed at the butterfly and whispered, “I want that type of independence for you”. I had no idea what he meant that day but now that I have grown up I have come to realize that self-determination, free will, strength of character, spirit and fortitude are the roots that responsibility blossoms.

I have questioned myself as a parent, wondering if I made the right decision in many situations. I have tried to be honest at all times, even when it has been difficult or when it meant I had to admit I was wrong. I want nothing more than for my child to be happy, respectful and a well-adjusted adult.

Kevin, a good friend, a farmer, an awesome musician and educator, grows soybeans. When he plants his seeds it is not to produce seeds. It of course is to raise soybeans. Kevin (and his family) work hard as they plant and nurture these seeds, providing the best soil, nutrients and growing conditions possible. He expects that the seeds will produce a sturdy and productive crop.

As a parent we are given the blessing and the responsibility of providing for our children the best growing conditions and nurturing environment. Our expectation is that our children will grow into conscientious adults. This cultivation provides children the solid and sound roots needed to spread their wings of independence while striving to be responsible in their decision making.